From art directing the interiors of a children’s hospital to creating interactive walls, Timothy Samaha prefers design projects that require exploration and research, innovation, and constant progress. He believes design should communicate an uninterrupted flow of purposeful storytelling combined with visual support; and as such, he concentrates on details and desired experiences rather than one specific style. Whether he illustrates cute, fuzzy animals or works with Swiss-style minimalism, Timothy combines his love for art history, animation, storytelling, and pure design.

He is currently the senior graphic designer in the FMOL Health System, one of the largest private health care networks in Louisiana; and he art directs projects for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center and Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. In his three years at the system, Timothy has won five Addy Awards and a HOW Magazine In-House design award, as well as numerous industry-specific honors.

Previous experiences include freelancing in the New Orleans area, launching and writing a satirical column for a south Louisiana magazine, and completing a professional internship at Walt Disney World. He has served on the AIGA New Orleans board and is currently a Student Outreach co-chair for Adfed Baton Rouge.

Timothy is a movie buff—especially animation—and a chocolate-chip cookie aficionado. He also finds it amusing to write about himself in third person.

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